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7art Trance Party 3.1

7art Trance Party takes you to a real party, with people, lasers, and whatnot
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Get ready to dance! If you want to go to a disco or a rave party, this is the closest you can get without actually going there. 7art Trance Party takes you to a real disco to dance and party.
This unique screensaver is very different to what you have usually seen. You will not see fancy animations or cute cartoon characters in this one. You will be taken on a virtual journey to a real disco with real people, doing real things. The screensaver will show you photos taken inside one of the popular dancing spots. No, you will not see animations of people dancing. You will be able to see real photos taken inside the place: you will see sweaty people dancing, awesome laser ray effects, and even some laser ray writing.

If you have never been to one of these places, this is your opportunity to visit one, without the need of getting tired, or spending money on expensive drinks. You will not even have to stand being pushed by other people as you dance.

I liked some slides, projected in the disco, that reminded me about the 60s and the hippie era, more than a trance party, but in general, it is something different that many of you will like. I still don’t understand why they didn’t include some music in the screensaver. It would have been great to watch the scenes and listen to the appropriate music at the same time.

Fernando Soni
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  • Different
  • Good scenes of the place


  • Some pics are out of focus or with low light
  • NO music
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